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Hot Type: Naomi Klein's No Logo

Hot Type hosts literary giants, first-time writers and authors of all stripes as it explores issues and ideas in the print world and beyond. As host since the show's 1998 debut, Evan Solomon interviews literary heavyweights like J.K. Rowling, Stephen King, Roddy Doyle and Margaret Atwood, as well as a puppeteer, a female wrestler and an Apollo astronaut. This Gemini Award-winning show has been a mainstay on CBC Newsworld for more than a decade. The CBC Digital Archives features fascinating and engaging interviews from Hot Type's second season (1999-2000).

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Canadian journalist and activist Naomi Klein's bestseller No Logo quickly became a manifesto for the anti-globalization movement. In this January 2000 interview, Klein discusses the protests at the 1998 World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle. She says they were a sign of a growing populist movement fed up with the increasing power and reach of multi-national corporations. 
• Naomi Klein is not the first in her family to lambaste a powerful industry: her mother Bonnie wrote and directed Not A Love Story, a 1981 documentary questioning the legality of pornography and examining how it negatively affects the lives of women in the industry.

• In 2005, Klein ranked 11th on Prospect magazine's list of the top 100 global intellectuals, the highest-ranked woman on the list.

Medium: Television
Program: Hot Type
Broadcast Date: Jan. 28, 2000
Guest(s): Naomi Klein
Host: Evan Solomon
Duration: 18:19

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