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The Food Show: Taking the C out of Cola

For 12 years, The Food Show took listeners inside the food business, exploring news and trends in food production, marketing and consumption. Beginning in 1978, host Jim Wright – a former circus ringmaster – navigated through the gastronomical gamut as listeners learned all about the food business. From important news to tips on camel-milking or microwave cookery, The Food Show offered a wealth of information on anything food-related.

Here's an unusual health debate: the government orders soft drink manufacturers to stop adding extra vitamin C to their product, while the drink makers are fighting to keep the healthy stuff in the product. Soft drinks don't have much nutritional value anyway, so why does the government want to reduce it even further? Barbara Klich reports for The Food Show in 1978.
• Vitamin C occurs naturally in some soft drinks and can actually make them far more unhealthy. Health Canada says vitamin C can combine with other ingredients to make benzene, a known carcinogen.

• American chemist Linus Pauling was an outspoken advocate for the many health benefits of vitamin C, arguing that it could prevent colds, heart disease and cancer. His statements have been hotly debated by scientists and numerous studies claim to have both proved and disproved his claims.

Medium: Radio
Program: The Food Show
Broadcast Date: July 2, 1978
Host: Jim Wright
Reporter: Barbara Klich
Duration: 3:29
Photo: ©iStockphoto.com/Paul W. Brain

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