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The Food Show: Nutritious nostalgia

For 12 years, The Food Show took listeners inside the food business, exploring news and trends in food production, marketing and consumption. Beginning in 1978, host Jim Wright – a former circus ringmaster – navigated through the gastronomical gamut as listeners learned all about the food business. From important news to tips on camel-milking or microwave cookery, The Food Show offered a wealth of information on anything food-related.

Simple, nutritious and maybe a tad counter-cultural, the granola bar is incredibly popular in 1978, just five years after its arrival on supermarket shelves. The simple foodstuff finds particular appeal among a younger crowd who want a quick nutritious snack, but also feel the bar evokes the spirit of the 1960s. Murray McGregor takes a look at the new snack that has taken North American by storm.
• The granola bar was just one of dozens of inventions cooked up by American Stanley Mason (1921-2006). Others include the squeezable ketchup bottle, dental floss dispensers, pin-free disposable diapers and 51 other useful items.

  • "Granula" was first marketed as a breakfast cereal by American James Jackson in 1863. In 1877, Henry Kellogg (of cereal fame) created a similar product with the same name. Jackson sued Kellogg, who changed his product's name to granola. 

Medium: Radio
Program: The Food Show
Broadcast Date: Aug. 6, 1978
Guest(s): John Herrick
Host: Jim Wright
Resource: Murray McGregor
Duration: 6:34
Photo: © Graça Victoria. Image from BigStockPhoto.com

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