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The Food Show: Giant vs. generics

For 12 years, The Food Show took listeners inside the food business, exploring news and trends in food production, marketing and consumption. Beginning in 1978, host Jim Wright – a former circus ringmaster – navigated through the gastronomical gamut as listeners learned all about the food business. From important news to tips on camel-milking or microwave cookery, The Food Show offered a wealth of information on anything food-related.

Generic products, with plain labels and no-frills packaging, are springing up in grocery stores in 1978. The simple packaging promises big savings for shoppers, but some are questioning whether they really deliver. Lorraine Johnson talks to Winston Egen and Morris O'Flynn of Green Giant, a company whose success hinges on their brand marketing. They discuss whether buying generic is better than the brand names.
• The original Green Giant, which first appeared in advertisements in 1928, wasn't green. He was a white man carrying a giant pod of peas. The Green Giant himself didn't become green until 1930. It was exactly the same logo as before, just coloured completely green.
Medium: Radio
Program: The Food Show
Broadcast Date: April 3, 1978
Guest(s): Winston Egan, Morris O'Flynn
Host: Jim Wright
Reporter: Lorraine Johnson
Duration: 4:03
Photo: ©iStockphoto.com/Simon Smith

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