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Expodition: The Queen visits Expo 67

In Canada's centennial year, the city of Montreal played host to the world with Expo 67. "Man and His World" was the theme of the 1967 world's fair, a six-month celebration that drew 50 million ~ visitors to a site on three artificial islands in the St. Lawrence River. Broadcast from Expo's International Broadcasting Centre, Expodition was CBC Radio's daily guide to the pavilions, the people, the pleasures and the problems of Expo 67.

When the sovereign visits, there are so many details to take care of: menus, flowers and gun salutes. Queen Elizabeth's visit has many people at Expo working around the clock, and today Expodition interviews three of them: Roger Nantel, head of protocol; Lady Oliver, wife of the commissioner of the British Pavilion; and Capt. Cavanaugh, who is in charge of a roster of Howitzers used for saluting the Queen.
• The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, began their 1967 visit to Canada in Ottawa on June 29. They were on hand for centennial celebrations in the nation's capital on July 1, and arrived in Montreal on the royal yacht Britannia on July 3.
• That day, after visiting the British pavilion and lunching at the Canadian pavilion, the royal couple toured the Expo site on the minirail that wound its way through the fair.
Medium: Radio
Program: Expodition
Broadcast Date: July 3, 1967
Guest(s): Capt. Cavanaugh, Roger Nantel, Lady Oliver
Announcer: Jim Robertson
Host: Bob MacGregor
Reporter: Lynn Jackson, Martin Bronstein
Duration: 14:07
Photo: Library and Archives Canada

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