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Expodition: Canadian artists at Expo 67

In Canada's centennial year, the city of Montreal played host to the world with Expo 67. "Man and His World" was the theme of the 1967 world's fair, a six-month celebration that drew 50 million ~ visitors to a site on three artificial islands in the St. Lawrence River. Broadcast from Expo's International Broadcasting Centre, Expodition was CBC Radio's daily guide to the pavilions, the people, the pleasures and the problems of Expo 67.

It's a who's who of Canadian artists at the host pavilion of Expo 67. There are paintings gleaned from museums in three countries, portraits by photographer Yousuf Karsh and a gallery of fine crafts by Canadian artisans. CBC Radio's Expodition gives a sound picture of the sights on display, but a CBC reporter is at a loss for words when trying to describe a moving sculpture in front of the pavilion. Nearby observers, however, have lots to say about its chimes and gongs. 
• The Canadian pavilion at Expo 67 consisted of several buildings and features. Katimavik (Inuktitut for "meeting place") was the pavilion's large inverted pyramid structure; next to it was the "People Tree", an orange globe-shaped stylized maple tree depicting Canadians at work and at leisure.
• The provinces of Quebec and Ontario, as well as Western Canada and the Atlantic provinces, each had their own pavilions. 

Medium: Radio
Program: Expodition
Broadcast Date: July 5, 1967
Guest(s): Duncan de Kergommeaux
Announcer: Jim Robertson
Host: Bob MacGregor
Reporter: Lynn Jackson, Martin Bronstein
Duration: 12:15
Photo: Flight, Sorel Etrog

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