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Distinguished Canadians: Donald Chant

Distinguished Canadians was a weekly series featuring an interview with an outstanding Canadian. The guests were from a variety of disciplines: science, the arts and humanities, education, politics and religion. Ain Soodor produced the program.

In 1969, University of Toronto professor Donald Chant, a zoologist and activist, helped found Pollution Probe, now one of Canada's most prominent environmental organizations. In this 1972 clip from Distinguished Canadians, Chant talks about the founding of Pollution Probe, its goal of educating the public about environmental pollution, and the role of political pressure. He also evaluates the current state of the environment and talks about they ways in which society can act to promote conservation.

• Donald Alfred Chant was born in Toronto in 1928. He died there in 2007.

• Chant was a zoologist teaching at the University of Toronto from 1967 to 1994. He helped found Pollution Probe on the campus.

• Chant became chair and president of the Ontario Waste Management Corporation in 1980. His mandate was to find a way of treating toxic waste materials in the environment.

• In 1988 he was invested with the Order of Canada as recognition for his work advocating for the environment and a long career in education.

• Donald Chant was known as an eloquent and outspoken environmentalist, especially in the 1970s. He continued to work well into his later years.

Medium: Television
Program: Distinguished Canadians
Broadcast Date: May 21, 1972
Guest(s): Donald Chant
Interviewer: Vincent Tovell
Duration: 33:21

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