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Citizens' Forum: Measuring modern morality

First airing in 1942 and running for over two decades, Citizens' Forum was billed as "an inquiry into the postwar world," a discussion show that addressed countless major issues of the times. Produced in co-operation with the Canadian Association for Adult Education (CAAE), it was one of the most interactive programs the CBC ever aired. Listeners voted on upcoming topics, and the CAAE produced printed pamphlets so listeners could read up on debate topics in advance and contribute informed questions during broadcasts.

A diverse panel tackles a broad question in this edition of Citizens' Forum. Lawyer Wilhelmina Holmes, Rev. G.R. Cragg and newspaper editor Craig Ballantine join Willard Melvin, president of the Montreal Better Business Bureau to discuss whether moral standards are slipping. Is Ontario more moral than Quebec? It's just one of many interesting questions arising from this debate.
• Fable writer Aesop is one of history's most famous moralists. But while tales like The Boy Who Cried Wolf have lived on for over 2,500 years, almost nothing is known about the author. It's believed that Aesop was a slave in ancient Greece in the sixth century BC. He died at Delphi where he was sentenced to death and pushed off a cliff for insulting the Delphians. Since so little is known about him, some historians and scholars dispute whether Aesop ever existed. 
Medium: Radio
Program: Citizens' Forum
Broadcast Date: Oct. 25, 1951
Guest(s): Craig Ballantine, Rev. G.R. Cragg, Wilhelmina Holmes, Willard Melvin
Host: Neil Morrison
Duration: 37:24

Last updated: June 12, 2013

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