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Canadian Snapshots
Just three years after the debut of CBC Radio, Canadian Snapshots "turned the lens of the radio camera" to the wonders and oddities of Canada in half-hour episodes airing weekly on the national network. Chock full of skits and short dramatic pieces, and augmented with actualities (the relatively new phenomena of onsite reporting), Canadian Snapshots brought the "vast panorama" of the country to the airwaves to tempt the tourist's taste. Unabashed in their boosterism, several programs also featured Canadian composers and highlighted their original works with a performance by the CBC Orchestra led by Samuel Hersenhoren. Although the program aired in 1939 and 1940, only six episodes of Canadian Snapshots survive in the CBC archives. All six are presented here; they were broadcast between January and June of 1940. The announcers are renowned CBC personalities Lorne Greene and J. Frank Willis.
Citizens' Forum
First airing in 1942 and running for over two decades, Citizens' Forum was billed as "an inquiry into the postwar world," a discussion show that addressed countless major issues of the times. Produced in co-operation with the Canadian Association for Adult Education (CAAE), it was one of the most interactive programs the CBC ever aired. Listeners voted on upcoming topics, and the CAAE produced printed pamphlets so listeners could read up on debate topics in advance and contribute informed questions during broadcasts.
It tackled difficult subjects like divorce, drug addiction and racism. CBC-TV's program Close-Up was never one to shy away from controversy. But Close-Up also mixed it up with lighthearted topics, like Parisian dancers or holiday camps; the program had its fair share of big-name celebrity interviews too. Running from 1957 until 1963, Close-Up was created by producer Ross McLean and hosted by J. Frank Willis. Its wide roster of interviewers included Elaine Grand, Percy Saltzman, Pierre Berton and Jack Webster. We feature five complete episodes from the year 1960.

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