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Peter Ustinov as himself

This fun, fast-paced magazine radio program for kids debuted in 1979, the UN's International Year of the Child. Aimed at those aged seven to 14, the program tackled weighty issues such as teen pregnancy, drugs and nuclear power, interspersed with trivia, music, radio plays and more. Kids were heavily involved in the show, conducting interviews, giving news reports and book reviews. Anybody Home? ran until June 1983.

Two-time Academy Award-winning actor Peter Ustinov sits down for an interview with 13-year-old Timothy Addison in this 1979 clip from CBC Radio's Anybody Home? The UNICEF ambassador discusses his humanitarian work and shares memories of his own childhood.
• During the Second World War, Pte. Peter Ustinov served as batman (personal assistant) to fellow British actor Lt.-Col. David Niven.

• Sir Peter Ustinov  is the only actor to ever win an Oscar for work in a Stanley Kubrick film. He took the 1961 Best Supporting Actor statue for Spartacus.

• Ustinov died in Switzerland on March 28, 2004. He once said that he wanted his epitaph to read "Keep off the grass."

• In this clip, Ustinov mentions ongoing problems in Cambodia, referring to the brutal communist regime ruling the country. Vietnam invaded Cambodia less than a month after this broadcast, toppling the Khmer Rouge and ending its four-year rule which oversaw the murder and starvation of approximately 1.7 million Cambodians.

Medium: Radio
Program: Anybody Home?
Broadcast Date: Nov. 24, 1979
Guest(s): Peter Ustinov
Host: David Schatzky
Interviewer: Timothy Addison
Duration: 4:01 Photo: CBC Still Photo Catalog

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