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The toddler of steel

This fun, fast-paced magazine radio program for kids debuted in 1979, the UN's International Year of the Child. Aimed at those aged seven to 14, the program tackled weighty issues such as teen pregnancy, drugs and nuclear power, interspersed with trivia, music, radio plays and more. Kids were heavily involved in the show, conducting interviews, giving news reports and book reviews. Anybody Home? ran until June 1983.

Aaron Smolinski's film career may have peaked when he was three years old, when he landed the role of the young Clark Kent in the 1978 movie Superman. Five years later, Aaron talks to Ken Truman and reveals how he landed the role - and how a three-year-old was able to lift a pickup truck on cue.
• Superman may defend truth, justice and the American way, but he's a Canadian creation. Toronto-born Joe Shuster first drew the Man of Steel in 1932.

• Aaron Smolinksi was working backstage on The Tonight Show in June 2006 when Brandon Routh, Hollywood's newest Superman, appeared on the show to promote Superman Returns.

Medium: Radio
Program: Anybody Home?
Broadcast Date: May 7, 1983
Guest(s): Aaron Smolinski
Host: David Schatzky, Jessica Porter
Interviewer: Ken Truman
Duration: 2:47
Photo: Joe Shuster, Superman (1948)

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