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Who is this young lawyer?

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• His father was a Progressive Conservative cabinet minister in both the Clark and Mulroney governments.

• After graduating from law school, he set up a practice in New Glasgow, N.S. before becoming a crown prosecutor.

• He had a high-profile romance with a colleague that crumbled when she switched political allegiances.

• Several years in a row, an industry newspaper reported that he had been voted "sexiest" and "best-dressed" in his workplace.

• This crown prosecutor is Peter MacKay. Born in Nova Scotia, he is the son of Progressive Conservative cabinet minister Elmer MacKay, who left politics before Peter became a politician. The younger MacKay was first elected to Parliament as a Progressive Conservative in 1997. • In May 2003 MacKay won the leadership of the Progressive Conservatives. His victory came after pledging to opponent David Orchard that as leader, he would not enter into talks to merge with the Canadian Alliance. Less than five months later, the parties united as the Conservative Party of Canada. Steven Harper led the party, and named MacKay deputy leader.

• MacKay had a well-publicized relationship with fellow MP Belinda Stronach, a one-time contender for leadership of the party. Stronach's decision to cross the floor to the Liberals abruptly ended her relationship with MacKay.

• After the Conservative minority victory in the 2006 election, MacKay was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. As of 2008 he is minister of defence.  

Medium: Television
Program: 1st Edition
Broadcast Date: Aug. 30, 1995
Guest(s): Peter Mackay
Reporter: Kathryn Morse
Duration: 1:39

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