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Can you predict who this young man is?

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• As a young man he originally intended to become a lawyer, but fell into acting while an undergraduate at Queen's University. He later studied his craft in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Drama Studio.

• In one of his first major roles he shared the screen with the legendary Sir Laurence Olivier in a BBC-TV production.

• Director David Cronenberg took a shine to him early in both their careers, casting him in 1979's The Brood and in 1983's The Dead Zone.

• He has pursued a passion for horseracing by being owner or part owner of about 60 horses. 

• This young actor is Nicholas Campbell, star of the 1998-2005 CBC-TV drama Da Vinci's Inquest. His performance earned him a Gemini award in 2001, and he also directed a number of episodes. • Campbell grew up in Montreal but returned to his birth city of Toronto to attend high school at Upper Canada College, graduating in 1970. After training, touring and working as an actor in the U.K., he returned to Canada in the late 1970s and won roles in numerous Canadian films and TV series. In the 1980s he moved to Los Angeles, where he lived for about a decade

• Campbell's love of horse racing began when he was in high school and, according to a February 2008 profile in Maclean's, it has ruined him financially. "For all his adult life, he ignored his taxes and frittered away time and money at the racetrack," wrote reporter Brian D. Johnson. "Campbell swears he never gambled large amounts at the track. But between [acting] jobs he would spend the whole day there, handicapping 70 or 80 races around the world, and the dollars added up."

• Campbell was a panellist on the 2009 edition of CBC Radio's Canada Reads, advocating for Gil Adamson's novel The Outlander.

Medium: Television
Program: Beyond Reason
Broadcast Date: Oct. 22, 1979
Guest(s): Nicholas Campbell
Host: Paul Soles
Panellist: Barbara Justason, Marcel Broekman, Sandra McNeil
Duration: 9:16

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