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Draft Dodgers: 'Statute of Limitations'

No one expected the Vietnam War to play out as it did. With thousands of young men fighting to the death overseas, another group of American sons fled their homeland and journeyed north to Canada. As the battle raged on and the antiwar movement divided the United States, draft dodgers and deserters struggled to forge new lives for themselves. Seeking sanctuary and the opportunity to make a difference, they changed their adopted country unquestionably. (Note: Some clips contain explicit language.)

media clip
Controversy erupts in Nelson, B.C., over a proposed draft dodger statute.
Medium: Television
Program: The National Magazine
Broadcast Date: Dec. 1, 2004
Guest(s): Dave Elliott, Ian Mason, Jeff Mock, Irene Mock, Isaac Romano
Host: Peter Mansbridge
Reporter: Mark Kelley
Duration: 8:56

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