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Special report on international terrorism

A German airliner is on the ground in Mogadishu, Somalia, four days after it was hijacked en route from Spain to Germany. The hijackers are demanding a ransom of $15 million and the release of some compatriots from prison. Now, with one pilot dead and 86 hostages still on board, German authorities are in Somalia to negotiate. As terrorist actions escalate around the world, CBC Radio's The World at Six asks why hijackings are successful.

The world's first effective hijacking, of an El Al aircraft in 1968, ended with both the hijackers and the hostages going free. In the decade since then aircraft hijackings have increased in frequency as terrorist groups seek to achieve political aims, often with deadly results. The problem, say experts, is twofold: countries that provide safe havens for hijackers and security lapses by both governments and airports. 
• The four hijackers, two men and two women, were Palestinians pushing for the release from prison of members of the Baader-Meinhof gang. The gang was a branch of Germany's Red Army Faction, a radical leftist group that supported the pro-Palestinian movement.

• One day after this broadcast, German commandos stormed the jet, killing three of the four hijackers and freeing all 86 hostages.

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Medium: Radio
Program: The World At Six
Broadcast Date: Oct. 17, 1977
Host: Judy Maddren, Colin Parker
Reporter: Ron Adams
Duration: 14:54

Last updated: February 9, 2012

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