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Looting marks VE-Day in Halifax

May 8, 1945, was a day to celebrate. It was VE-Day, the long-awaited moment when the Allied forces triumphed over Nazi Germany to claim victory in Europe. But the joy brought by news of peace was dampened by the memory of fallen comrades and the ongoing war in the Pacific. From the liberation of Holland through the German surrender, celebrations in Canada and the servicemen's return, CBC Archives follows Canadians as the war ends in Europe.

An amateur cameraman captures scenes of an unruly mob breaking shop windows on Barrington Street.
Medium: Television
Program: Heritage
Broadcast Date: Feb. 2, 1982
Guest(s): James Cameron
Host: Neil Copeland
Duration: 10:31
This clip has poor audio.
Photo Credit: Petty Officer Harvey / Library and Archives Canada / C-079584

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