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Children of Canadian WWII soldiers seek their fathers

Surrounded by falling bombs, strict rationing and nightly blackouts, a generation of young women found love. They were the war brides: British and European women who married Canadian servicemen in the Second World War. After tearful goodbyes to their families, they embarked on a grueling journey by ship and train to join their husbands and in-laws in a new country. Once they arrived, many war brides had to confront culture shock and desperate homesickness before embracing their new lives in Canada.

Canadian soldiers in Holland left behind thousands of now-adult children hoping to meet their Canadian families.
Medium: Television
Program: CBLT News
Broadcast Date: Dec. 19, 1987
Guest(s): Johnny Bruggencamp, Olga Rains
Reporter: Brenda Craig
Duration: 1:56

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