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War bride loses, then recovers Canadian citizenship

Surrounded by falling bombs, strict rationing and nightly blackouts, a generation of young women found love. They were the war brides: British and European women who married Canadian servicemen in the Second World War. After tearful goodbyes to their families, they embarked on a grueling journey by ship and train to join their husbands and in-laws in a new country. Once they arrived, many war brides had to confront culture shock and desperate homesickness before embracing their new lives in Canada.

media clip
Proof of status as a war bride helps a woman get a passport in a hurry.
Medium: Television
Program: CBC Evening News
Broadcast Date: Aug. 2, 1994
Guest(s): Eileen Gillies
Reporter: Bob Gillingham
Duration: 2:36

Last updated: December 13, 2012

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