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The Princess Patricia's go into battle in Korea

It is called Canada's "Forgotten War." Over 500 Canadians died in the United Nations' struggle to repel the communist forces that invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950. To the people they helped liberate, the Canadians were heroes. Yet those who made it home returned to an indifferent country and a government that took 40 years to officially acknowledge their sacrifice.

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After six weeks of supplementary training upon their arrival in Korea, the troops of the Princess Patricia's go into the front lines as part of 27th British Commonwealth Brigade. On Feb. 22, the Canadians suffer their first casualties when four men are killed and one wounded in a Chinese attack on a hill simply known by its altitude in metres; 444. Bernard Kaplan reports on the regiment's grim struggles through the days that follow.
• Equipped with bolt-action Lee-Enfield rifles, Canada's Special Force soldiers in Korea quickly found themselves at a serious disadvantage against communist troops equipped with machine guns. As a result, resourceful Canadian troops often turned to trading beer and liquor for modern weapons from their better-equipped American allies.
Medium: Radio
Program: CBC News Roundup
Broadcast Date: Feb. 26, 1951
Reporter: Bernard Caplan
Duration: 2:24

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