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Van Doos: Korea's Hill 355

During the First World War, Canada decided to create a military unit that would represent its French-speaking population. As soldiers and peacekeepers, the Royal 22nd Regiment – the famed "Van Doos" – have been among Canada's vanguard in both World Wars, and in hotspots that include Korea, Cyprus, Congo, Bosnia and East Timor. The distinct language and culture of the regiment have afforded unique opportunities, and posed frequent challenges.

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After just six years of peacetime, the Royal 22nd Regiment, now three battalions strong, is once again called into action. This time they are sent to Korea alongside members of the Royal Canadian Regiment, the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry and other United Nations forces. Vastly outnumbered by Chinese troops, the Van Doos distinguish themselves during a bloody 96-hour battle for a snowy hill known only as Hill 355.
•  When Canada decided to send troops to Korea in August 1950, the Royal 22nd Regiment was asked to raise two additional battalions. There are still three battalions to this day.
•  There were 516 Canadians killed during the Korean War.   An estimated two million people died in the conflict.
•  After the Korean War, the Royal 22nd became part of NATO's Northern Army Group based in Germany.
Medium: Television
Program: CBC Television News Special
Broadcast Date: June 23, 1991
Duration: 2:20

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