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Female Van Doo draws attention in Sarajevo

During the First World War, Canada decided to create a military unit that would represent its French-speaking population. As soldiers and peacekeepers, the Royal 22nd Regiment – the famed "Van Doos" – have been among Canada's vanguard in both World Wars, and in hotspots that include Korea, Cyprus, Congo, Bosnia and East Timor. The distinct language and culture of the regiment have afforded unique opportunities, and posed frequent challenges.

 In Yugoslavia, Cpt. Angela Mondeux is a bit of an oddity among some international troops.

Medium: Radio
Program: Canada at Five
Broadcast Date: March 16, 1992
Guests: Cpt. Angela Mondeux
Host: Bernie McNamee
Reporter: Jane Howard
Duration: 1:55

Last updated: July 18, 2013

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