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Saddam's shadow reaches Canada

Unlike any conflict before, the Gulf War of 1991 played out in a brave new world of biological warfare. A round-the-clock television audience was captivated by the flying missiles that lit up the night sky. Canadian troops, sent abroad for combat for the first time since the Korean War joined the Allied forces to fight Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. On the surface, the occupation ended swiftly and decisively as the Iraqi forces retreated. But as was evident over the next decade, the problems remained unresolved.

At the Cairo Café in Edmonton, Iraqi Canadians talk about their feelings and their place in Canada. They feel shut out, alienated and under surveillance. There are approximately 6,000 Iraqis living across Canada, most of them first generation. In this CBC Television feature they speak out about their divided loyalties, their fear and their anger at perpetually seeming to live in "Saddam's shadow."
. "Wherever we go, Saddam's shadow is after us." - Ali Ruda, Iraqi-Canadian.
. The 2001 Statistics Canada census indicates that there are over 26,000 immigrants and non-permanent residents from Iraq in Canada. Most Iraqi-Canadians live in urban centres. The peak in immigration from Iraq occurred in the period between 1991 and 2001 when almost 20,000 immigrants arrived.
Medium: Television
Program: The Journal
Broadcast Date: Jan. 25, 1991
Guest(s): Nabil Abraham
Host: Bill Cameron
Reporter: Leslie MacKinnon
Duration: 12:19

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