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Canadian women march for peace

Unlike any conflict before, the Gulf War of 1991 played out in a brave new world of biological warfare. A round-the-clock television audience was captivated by the flying missiles that lit up the night sky. Canadian troops, sent abroad for combat for the first time since the Korean War joined the Allied forces to fight Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. On the surface, the occupation ended swiftly and decisively as the Iraqi forces retreated. But as was evident over the next decade, the problems remained unresolved.

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They're speaking out as women, as mothers, as daughters and as sisters. Like other groups across the country, this group of Canadian women is speaking out against the war. In this report, women protesters say the government isn't allowing the opposition a voice. It's an accusation made by politicians and protesters alike who believe that all options of diplomacy haven't yet run their course.
• "Whether it's popular or unpopular is irrelevant. The only question is, is it right?" – Prime Minister Brian Mulroney on sending Canadian troops to the Persian Gulf.

• Teenagers and grandmothers also made their voices heard in the protests against the Gulf War. High-school students walked out of classes and participated in protest marches. In Vancouver, the Raging Grannies congregated at the CFB Esquimalt naval base promoting peace and singing anti-war songs.
Medium: Television
Program: CBC Television News Special
Broadcast Date: Jan. 18, 1991
Guest(s): Judy Rebick
Host: Peter Mansbridge
Reporter: Karen Webb
Duration: 1:56

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