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Figure skater Patrick Chan on his way up

At the highest level, figure skating blends athleticism, power and strength with artistry, grace and pageantry. Canadians have shone along with the world's finest. CBC Digital Archives looks back over decades of gravity-defying throws, complex footwork, colourful costumes and complicated scoring systems.

Patrick Chan's enthusiasm, serenity and sheer talent have taken the young figure skater far. But it's coaching that has really made the difference for him, and at 17 he's benefited from the wisdom of two veterans: Osborne Colson and Don Laws. Colson, his first coach, worked with 1948 Canadian Olympic champ Barbara Ann Scott, while Laws has a proven track record with U.S. skater Scott Hamilton. In this 2008 CBC-TV profile, Chan passes on his own knowledge to a group of elementary school students in Toronto.
• Born in Ottawa on New Year's Eve, 1990, Patrick Chan became the youngest ever winner of the Canadian men's skating championship in January 2008. He had just turned 17.

• In 2009 Chan successfully defended his title as Canadian champion, and went on the place second at the world figure skating championships.

• Later that year, an injury to his calf kept Chan from competing while it healed. In his return to competition, at an international contest in Kitchener, Ont., he placed a disappointing sixth.

• At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Chan placed fifth overall.

Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: March 20, 2008
Guest(s): Patrick Chan, Don Laws, Lori Nichol
Reporter: Tom Harrington
Duration: 3:13

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