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1988 Seoul: Carolyn Waldo

Alex Baumann was best, stalwart Sylvie Frechette showed grace and Donovan Bailey left his rivals in the dust. From 1984 to 2000, CBC Radio and Television followed Canadian athletes chasing Olympic gold. They were the fastest and the strongest and they had Canadians from coast to coast smiling a little wider and cheering a little louder.

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At age 23, synchronized swimmer Carolyn Waldo is at the top of her game. With two challenging routines -- one individual and one with partner Michelle Cameron -- under her belt, the Beaconsfield, Que. swimmer is poised to claim two gold medals at the Seoul Olympics. Articulate and enthusiastic, Waldo is a media darling and a hero to young girls across the country. But in this CBC Radio documentary which aired prior to the Olympics, Waldo admits that she is sometimes overwhelmed, eager for retirement and ready for life after competition. 
• At the 1988 Games, Waldo went on to win a gold medal in the solo event and a gold medal with partner Michelle Cameron in the duet division. With these wins, Waldo became the first Canadian woman to win two gold medals at one Summer Olympics.
• As a pre-competition ritual, Waldo and Cameron would routinely touch their index fingers together and make a buzzing sound to check that they were on the same wavelength.

• Deemed one of Canada's best hopes, Waldo was selected to carry the flag during the Seoul opening ceremonies.
• At the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, Waldo won a silver medal in the solo synchronized swimming event.

• Waldo swam just three days after the Ben Johnson scandal broke. Waldo told CBC Television, "It has just given us more of a spark to go in there and win gold medals for Canada."
• Waldo and Cameron retired after the Seoul Olympics. Waldo released a line of clothing for Sears and in 1990 she became a sports reporter for CJOH News in Ottawa. Cameron later became a distributor of nutritional supplements.

• The Seoul Olympics were the first Games not to be boycotted since the 1972 Olympics. The Canadians who won gold included: Lennox Lewis (boxing), Michelle Cameron (duet synchronized swimming) and Carolyn Waldo (solo and duet synchronized swimming). Ben Johnson's gold medal was revoked after he failed his drug test. Canada also collected two silvers and five bronze medals.
Medium: Radio
Program: Sunday Morning
Broadcast Date: Aug. 28, 1988
Guest(s): Michelle Cameron, Karen Lawson, Debbie Muir, Carolyn Waldo, Robin Waldo
Host: Christopher Thomas
Reporter: Susan Cardinal
Duration: 11:17

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