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Bulls Eye: Gerry Ouellette's perfect game - Melbourne, 1956

Canada's sweetheart, an overlooked hockey team, the goodtime bobsleigh playboys, and the tiger from British Columbia – these are Canada's post-war Olympic gold players. In an era that predated big corporate sponsorship, these athletes were at the forefront of a dynamic, golden generation of Canadian Olympians. Humble but skilled, Canadian athletes staged upset after upset, inspiring future Olympians to try to match the golden trail they blazed.

To many it must've appeared as though he were bluffing. In the first round, Windsor's Gerry Ouellette was unremarkable with a hit and miss performance in the small-bore rifle competition. But in the final round the amateur marksman comes back with nothing less than sixty consecutive bulls eyes for a perfect score of 600. "I just can't believe it," a surprised Ouellette tells CBC Radio.
• Ouellette's accomplishment was even more remarkable given the highly competitive nature of the event. More athletes from more nations were enrolled in the small-bore rifle competition than any other.

• After Ouellette's poor performance in the first round, his teammate Gil Boa offered to share his rifle with him in the next round. Boa scored 598 out of a possible 600 to claim the bronze medal.

• Although Gerry Ouellette's perfect score was astounding, it was not entered into the record books based on a formality. After the competition it was discovered that the targets had been placed one and a half metres too close.
• Ouellette passed away at the age of 40 on June 25, 1975. An avid aviator, he died piloting his own aircraft.
Medium: Radio
Program: Olympic Report
Broadcast Date: Dec. 5, 1956
Guests: Gil Boa, Gerry Ouellette
Reporter: Thom Benson, Ward Cornell
Duration: 5:13

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