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Canada- Soviet series: No refs, no game

People took the day off work on Sept. 28, 1972 to watch Canada play the Soviet Union. In the game's last seconds, their hero Paul Henderson scored an epoch-making goal. But the hockey series was more than just that final game. The fast and skilled Soviets surprisingly showed up Team Canada in eight gruelling games that changed Canadian hockey forever. It became faster, better. And the drama began in game one when Team Canada skated onto the ice self-admiring and mighty, only to be knocked down hard, 7-3, by the Soviet Union.

Team Canada, locked in a dispute with Soviet hockey officials over unfair refereeing, says there will be no Game 8. Canada insists that they will not play if the Soviets use the two refs from Game 7. The Soviet solution: bring back West Germans Josef Kompalla and Franz Baader, who officiated Game 6. But Canada says no way, claiming the Game 6 refs missed too much and couldn't handle the offsides.
• Despite the refereeing controversy, Team Canada won game 6 in Moscow on Sept. 24, 1972. The Canadians said Josef Kompalla and Franz Baader, the two West German referees officiating, called questionable penalties and offsides. The final score was Canada 3 Soviet Union 2. The Canadian MVPs were Ken Dryden and Gary Bergman.

• Team Canada also won game 7, played on Sept. 24, 1972. The final score was Canada 4 Soviet Union 3. The Soviets played without their star Valeri Kharlamov, who was out with a severely bruised ankle. The MVPs for Canada were Phil Esposito and Bill White.
Medium: Radio
Program: The World At Six
Broadcast Date: Sept. 27, 1972
Host: George McLean
Interviewer: Bruce Rogers
Reporter: Fred Sgambati
Duration: 4:57

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