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Golfing Greats: Jason Zuback, the hit man

From Ada Mackenzie to Moe Norman to Sandra Post, our homegrown golfing heroes have thrilled, surprised, inspired and delighted us. Our golfing history is a tale of an eccentric perfectionist, a caddying Cinderella, an unstoppable "hit man," and a local boy named Mike who mastered the game with quiet determination. CBC Archives examines the careers and victories of our golfing greats.

Jason Zuback's vanity plates read "GLFZILLA." Others in the golfing world refer to him as the "god of the long ball" or "the hit man" because he can drive a golf ball some 400 yards. By comparison, Tiger Woods averages about 290 yards. Zuback, a stocky pharmacist from Alberta, is the long drive champion of the world, and a global celebrity. In this CBC Television feature, reporter Tom Alderman follows the hit man's ferocious workouts, lightning-fast swing, and astounding ascent through the long-drive ranks. 
• Jason Zuback was born April 24, 1970.

• Zuback first competed in the World Long Drive Champion competition in 1996. He drove the ball 351 yards (320 metres) to win the top prize of $35,000 US. He won the same competition in 1997, 1998 and 1999.

• Zuback has travelled the world competing in long drive competitions. When competing in Asia, the Japanese nicknamed him Golfzilla because of his astonishingly strong swing.

• Zuback's longest competition drive measured 468 yards (428 metres).

• The Long Drivers of America inducted Zuback into their hall of fame in 2003.

• Zuback describes his swing as a regular golf swing applied with extreme intensity.

• Zuback left his job as a pharmacist in 1997 but still maintains his licence as a fallback. He is married and has two children.

• Fairways range in distance from 90 to 600 metres.

Medium: Television
Program: The National Magazine
Broadcast Date: Oct. 19, 2000
Guest(s): Jason Zuback
Host: Brian Stewart
Reporter: Tom Alderman
Duration: 12:32
Footage: Long Drivers of America Ltd.

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