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From Ada Mackenzie to Moe Norman to Sandra Post, our homegrown golfing heroes have thrilled, surprised, inspired and delighted us. Our golfing history is a tale of an eccentric perfectionist, a caddying Cinderella, an unstoppable "hit man," and a local boy named Mike who mastered the game with quiet determination. CBC Archives examines the careers and victories of our golfing greats.

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A new Canadian player is poised for greatness on the PGA circuit. For Weir, a self-described "golf rat," it's been a difficult journey. The determined lefty tried and failed five times before he finally qualified for the PGA tour. But now that he has finally arrived, he is generating considerable buzz, as shown in this CBC Sports profile. Weir will go on to golfing glory in 2003 when he wins the prestigious Masters tournament.
. Mike Weir was born on May 12, 1970, in Sarnia, Ont. He began golfing when his family moved to Bright's Grove, Ont. As fate would have it, the Weirs' new home was directly across the street from a golf course.
. When Weir was a young golfer, he wrote to famed golfer Jack Nicklaus asking if he should continue playing left-handed. Nicklaus responded that Weir should stick with what felt comfortable. Until recently, many lefties switched hands because it was difficult to get equipment made for left-handed golfers.

. Weir studied at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, before traveling to Australia to compete. For two years, Weir's wife Bricia was his caddy.
. In 1999, Weir won his first PGA Tour title at the Air Canada Championship in Surrey, B.C. He was the first Canadian to win here since Pat Fletcher's 1954 Canadian Open victory.
. In 2000 and 2001, Weir was named Canadian Male Athlete of the Year by the Canadian Press.

. On April 13, 2003, Mike Weir made history with his historic win at the prestigious Masters tournament. Not only was Weir the first Canadian to win the title, but he was also only the second lefty to win a major golf title. (Bob Charles of New Zealand was the only other southpaw to accomplish this with his victory at the 1963 British Open. Phil Mickelson became the third lefty to win the title in 2004.)

. Weir collected $1.08 million with his Masters' win.
. "Hopefully, some young kid back in Canada watching will be inspired to be in Augusta wearing the green jacket," Weir said following the thrilling game.
. On April 13, 2004, Sarnia renamed its Huron View Park, Mike Weir Park.
. Mike Weir has won eight PGA Tour Events. George Knudson, who also had eight wins, is tied with Weir for the Canadian record.

. Weir has drawn fans from far and wide. "What Mike has done for golf in Canada is like what Tiger has done in the States," famed hockey player Wayne Gretzky told Golf Digest in July 2001. "Not only the way he plays, but the way he carries himself. He says he wanted to be me when he was a kid. Well, I'm not so young anymore, and I'd like to be him."
Medium: Television
Program: Sports Journal
Broadcast Date: Nov. 2, 1998
Guest(s): Donna Caponi, Fred Couples, Jim Nelford, Mark O'Meara, Bricia Weir, Mike Weir
Host: Tom Harrington
Reporter: Terry Walker
Duration: 9:47
Footage: Golf Channel, TSN, PGA.

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