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Lorie Kane, homegrown golf hero

From Ada Mackenzie to Moe Norman to Sandra Post, our homegrown golfing heroes have thrilled, surprised, inspired and delighted us. Our golfing history is a tale of an eccentric perfectionist, a caddying Cinderella, an unstoppable "hit man," and a local boy named Mike who mastered the game with quiet determination. CBC Archives examines the careers and victories of our golfing greats.

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At age 32, Lorie Kane is the oldest new girl on the LPGA circuit. Kane, the daughter of a golf pro, is unlike other golfers. The ebullient athlete from P.E.I. graduated to the professional ranks roughly a decade after most of her contemporaries. She is also something of a homegrown starlet. Unlike other golfers who travel to warmer climes to compete, Kane has cut her teeth almost exclusively on Canada's amateur circuit.

But now Canada's golfing sweetheart is a member of the high-stakes, glamorous and dizzying world of professional golf. And, she's winning over competitors and fans there too. CBC Radio's Inside Track follows Lorie Kane on her way to the top. 
. Lorie Kane was born on Dec. 19, 1964, in Charlottetown, P.E.I.
. At five years old Kane began playing golf at the local course where her father worked.

. In 1992 Kane was disappointed to learn that she had been named an alternate to the Canadian Ladies' Golf Association (CLGA) World Team Amateur Championships. She believed her standings and scores were enough to merit a full place on the team. She appealed the decision and ultimately pursued the matter in court and won the case. But Kane's challenge made relations tenuous with the CLGA. She turned pro in the same year.

. In 1996, Kane finished third at a qualifying event. With this win, she earned her LPGA player's card. The next year, Kane enjoyed great success in her first year on the LPGA tour. She placed in the top 10 eight times and netted $425,964 US in winnings - the most a Canadian golfer had ever won in a single season.

. Until 2000, Kane had to settle for nine career runner-up finishes. But on Aug. 5, 2000, the plucky golfer broke the streak and won her first LPGA event at the Michelob Light Classic. Many of Kane's fellow golfers changed their flights and stuck around to the very end to celebrate with a tearful but overjoyed Kane. As of May 2005 Kane has won a total of three LPGA tournaments.

. In 2004 Kane's career earnings passed the $5 million mark.
. Always smiling and willing to sign autographs, Kane is known as the Miss Congeniality of the LPGA. She once walked into the press tent and answered the phones when she noticed that the LPGA staff and volunteers hadn't arrived.

. "She has a twinkle in her eye, an ability to be charismatic without trying," said LPGA commissioner Ty Votaw. "If I had more Lorie Kanes, it'd make my job easier. She is very committed to making the LPGA better. She's constantly peppering me [with ideas]. She doesn't just bring up issues, she wants to be part of the solution." - in Golf World, Jan. 12, 2001
Medium: Radio
Program: The Inside Track
Broadcast Date: June 1, 1997
Guest(s): Gail Graham, Lorie Kane, Marilyn Kane
Host: Robin Brown
Duration: 13:52

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