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A flood of good will for Terry Fox

The night before his right leg was amputated, Terry Fox read about an amputee who ran the New York City Marathon. The article inspired Terry's Marathon of Hope, an incredible cross-Canada run on an artificial leg to raise money for cancer research. Terry was forced to end his run when his cancer returned. He died on June 28, 1981, but his legacy lives on in the annual Terry Fox Run.

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Terry can no longer run, but the Marathon of Hope continues stronger than ever. Money for cancer research is pouring in, with some radio stations raising tens of thousands of dollars in a single day.

As for the Marathon itself, Terry is presented with dozens of offers from people who want to help finish the run. But Terry wants to conquer the disease and get back on the road to finish it himself.
• On Feb. 1, 1981, Terry realized his dream of raising $1 from every person in Canada to help fight cancer. Canada's population was 24.1 million, and his Marathon of Hope fund reached $24.17 million.

• In May 1985, 19-year-old Steve Fonyo, who also lost a leg to cancer, completed a similar cross-country marathon. Fonyo ran 7,924 km over 14 months, raising $13 million for cancer research.
Medium: Radio
Program: CBC Radio News
Broadcast Date: Sept. 3, 1980
Guests: Barry Cunnings, Barbara Kilburt
Reporter: Rick Welbourn
Duration: 3:29

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