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Reliving Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope: Day 86

This is how it all began. On April 12, 1980, Terry Fox began an epic cross-country journey to raise money for cancer research. CBC Radio and Television followed Terry's Marathon of Hope from the beginning. To celebrate this historic event, we present these reports as they were first aired.

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With every day he's in Ontario, Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope becomes more and more a true Canadian spectacle. His Ottawa visit included meetings with Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Gov. Gen. Ed Schreyer, and kicking off a CFL football game. Now Terry's sights are set on Toronto. Today he's in Havelock, Ont., and CBC Radio's Sound of Sports has an update on his progress. In addition to the huge crowds expected, there's something else waiting in Toronto: a new artificial leg.
• During his journey across Ontario, Terry Fox ran hundreds of kilometres out of his way to hit heavily populated areas where he could raise money. In Leslie Scrivener's book Terry Fox: His Story, driver Doug Alward is quoted as saying, "Ontario was like eternity. We felt that we weren't going anywhere. Terry had conquered five provinces in two and a half months, and Ontario was equal to all of those. Two things I remember about Ontario: people everywhere, and money."

• Almost anywhere he ran in Ontario, Terry Fox was greeted by crowds of people lining the roadside through rain and shine. Voyageur bus drivers took to stopping when they saw him and collecting donations from their passengers. Despite their initial resistance, even the Ontario Provincial Police ended up helping to collect money as they escorted Terry. His run was covered by local and national media as well as American news networks. Terry was treated like a rock star, and developed a constant following of teenage girls.

• "The Holland games" mentioned at the start of this radio clip refers to the 1980 Olympiad for the Physically Disabled (which became the Paralympics in 1984) held in Arnhem, Holland. The first Olympiad for the Physically Disabled were held in Toronto in 1976, immediately following the Montreal Summer Games. Holland hosted the second. It was the first games to include amputees and athletes with cerebral palsy.
Medium: Radio
Program: Sound of Sports
Broadcast Date: July 6, 1980
Host: Fred Walker
Duration: 1:55

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