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The Scotch Cup

Whether they play for fun in small-town clubs or for glory at the winter Olympics, one thing's for certain: Canadians love curling, and they've produced some of the world's best players. Though some have called it "shuffleboard on ice," supporters say it's a game with a grand Canadian tradition of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship.

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The four Richardsons of Saskatchewan -- brothers Sam and Ernie, and cousins Wes and Arnold -- are already famous in curling, having already won the Brier twice and the Scotch Cup twice. Now they're headed overseas for a third try, playing teams from Scotland, the United States and Sweden. CBC reporter Doug Maxwell is there, and files this report via transatlantic cable.
• In 1962, the Richardsons won their third Scotch Cup. By the time their incredible curling careers came to an end, the Richardsons would win four Briers and four Scotch Cups in five years. Mel Perry replaced Wes Anderson for the 1963 Scotch Cup. Skip Ernie Richardson was awarded with the Order of Canada in 1978.

• The Scotch Cup was founded in the late 1950s by a public relations firm on behalf of their client, the Scotch Whisky Association. For the first two years, only Scotland and Canada were involved, but there were eight nations by the time the event came to an end in 1967 and was replaced by the Air Canada Silver Broom.

• Because of the difference in club structures in Canada and Scotland, Canada had a distinct advantage for the first two years of the event. The rules held that all four curlers on each team must come from the same club -- not a problem in Canada, but a stumbling block for Scotland, where each club had only 20 to 30 members who rented out ice time at rinks shared by many clubs and ice skaters.
Medium: Radio
Program: Assignment
Broadcast Date: March 15, 1962
Guest(s): Sam Richardson
Reporter: Doug Maxwell
Duration: 5:24

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