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A curling community

Whether they play for fun in small-town clubs or for glory at the winter Olympics, one thing's for certain: Canadians love curling, and they've produced some of the world's best players. Though some have called it "shuffleboard on ice," supporters say it's a game with a grand Canadian tradition of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship.

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Like many small towns on the Prairies, Altamont is a ghost of its former self. With just 70 people left, the formerly bustling farm community has a lot of empty buildings. But as reporter Peter Jordan learns, there's one place where the lights are still on: the local single-sheet curling club.
. Altamont is about 150 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg in a farming region known as the Pembina Valley.
. Most towns on the Prairies, particularly in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, have at least one curling club. Many, including Altamont, host a bonspiel one weekend each year in which curlers from neighbouring towns and farther away play for fun and prizes.

. Many rural curling clubs experienced lower attendance during the 1980s and 1990s, which was mostly attributed to a lack of interest from younger generations. There are other things threatening these clubs as well: in 2002, the rink in Broadview, Sask., shortened its season significantly due to rising gas and electricity costs.
Medium: Television
Program: Country Canada
Broadcast Date: April 23, 1991
Guest(s): Emil Grenier, Bessie Holliston, Gordon Holliston
Reporter: Peter Jordan
Duration: 6:32

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