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1996: Prince Charles goes solo

From the moment he was born at Buckingham Palace on Nov. 14, 1948, the world has known his name. He's Queen Elizabeth's eldest son, heir to the British throne, and his personal life has been making headlines for decades. So naturally, whenever the Prince of Wales visits Canada, the CBC is there.

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A snowstorm is following Prince Charles wherever he goes. At the tail end of his April 1996 visit to Canada, the prince stops by Fort York in chilly Toronto before departing for Fredericton. Despite running late due to the weather, he pauses to chat with some enthralled Girl Guides outside the New Brunswick legislature. In this CBC-TV report, Charles also meets some scientists and patients at a biomedical lab that develops technology for artificial limbs. 
• Prince Charles's 1996 visit to Canada took place from April 23 to 29. He visited Ontario (Ottawa and Toronto), Manitoba (Churchill and Winnipeg) and New Brunswick (Fredericton, Saint John, Miramichi City and Caraquet).
  • At the time of this visit, Prince Charles was just a few months away from being divorced from Diana. They had been separated since 1992.

• According to a 1996 Maclean's article, Charles's 1996 solo visit was more subdued than his previous 1991 visit with Diana. The article said that in 1991, "At every stop on the tour, thousands of flag-waving admirers gathered to catch a glimpse of royalty." By contrast, the crowds coming to see Prince Charles in 1996 were much smaller and less enthusiastic. But this wasn't necessarily a bad thing, according to the article: "The low-key response to Charles's visit seemed in keeping with the man himself - introspective and preferring substance over ceremony. Without Diana, his appearances were more like intimate gatherings than photo ops."

Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: April 27, 1996
Guest(s): Prince Charles
Host: Paul Hunter
Reporter: Kas Roussy
Duration: 2:18

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