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A Pope is Chosen
From all over the world, Catholic cardinals travel to the Vatican to choose the man who will lead the Church. CBC Digital Archives presents coverage of four such elections, from the election of John XXIII in 1958 through Paul VI in 1963 to two conclaves in 1978: John Paul 1 and John Paul II.
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Religion in the Classroom
Canada has struggled with the role of religion in public schools throughout the past half-century. The debate in recent decades is complicated by the fact that Canada is now home to so many different religions. From questioning the recitation of the Lord's Prayer in class to wearing ceremonial daggers at school, the right to exercise one's religion in public school classrooms remains the subject of fierce debate in Canada.
The 1984 Papal Visit
It was one of the biggest events in Canadian history. On Sept. 9, 1984 Pope John Paul II kissed the tarmac in Quebec City to kick off the first Canadian papal visit. In the frenzied atmosphere of a rock concert, Canadians flocked for a fleeting glimpse of the Holy Father. Over the next 12 days the Pope stirred millions with his condemnation of injustice and poverty, along with his traditional stance on birth control and divorce.
The Miracle on Mount Royal: St. Joseph's Oratory
In 1904 a humble Montreal monk named Brother André realized a dream: to build a shrine to St. Joseph. Pilgrims flocked there, seeking not just a place of prayer but the touch of Brother André — a man his followers believed could work miracles. A century later the shrine, St. Joseph's Oratory, was attracting two million visitors every year and in 2010 Brother André was declared a saint. CBC Archives looks at his life and legacy.
Their Christian Duty: Canadian Missionaries Abroad
The risks are great, but so are the rewards. For over 100 years Canadian Christians have been building schools, healing the sick and feeding the hungry in developing countries. These missionaries honoured their faith by expressing the message of Christianity through humanitarian work. Despite local conflicts and cultural difficulties, missionaries in recent decades have served in the field with courage, humility and the desire to make a difference.