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Aboriginal rights: Chief of the tar sands

It's a battle over the land and its resources. The fight has taken place on the land, in the courts and in the media. When government and native groups signed treaty agreements over a century ago, neither side imagined the repercussions. Canada's native people say treaties have been ignored and their rights — from logging trees to fishing eels — have been limited. In the 1980s, frustration grew and failed negotiations turned into roadblocks and deadly confrontation.

media clip
Peter Loughheed's made honorary chief; Adrienne Clarkson investigates land claims on the tar sands.  

Medium: Television
Program: Adrienne At Large
Broadcast Date: Nov. 28, 1974
Guest(s): Harold Cardinal, Leroy Little Bear, Peter Lougheed
Host: Adrienne Clarkson
Duration: 2:56

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