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Daycare debate: Peanut butter balls and the revolution

Daycare is now a fact of life for many Canadian families but for most of the past century it's been the subject of fierce debate. Turn-of-the-century day nurseries were considered little more than "child farms" by many, while politicians of the 1950s blamed juvenile delinquency on daycares and "crèches." More recently a debate has swirled around the merits of universal daycare versus traditional parenting. CBC Archives looks at the changing face of daycare, from its charitable beginnings more than a century ago to the ongoing fight for a federally funded system.

media clip
Staff and kids look back on their time inside a radical 1970s-era day-care centre.
Medium: Radio
Program: The Sunday Edition
Broadcast Date: Sept. 7, 2003
Guest(s): Conya Chen , Rebecca Patterson, Haidai Sphinx
Host: Michael Enright
Reporter: Frank Faulk
Duration: 26:41
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