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'Boyd, it's Payne. Give up!'

It's the early 1950s, and banks are popping up all over "Toronto the Good." So too is a daring group of villains (or heroes, depending on who you ask): the bank-robbing, jail-busting "Boyd Gang." Warring newspapers and budding television stations race to break any news of Toronto's most infamous gangsters, and capture the imagination of the public.

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Some clever police work and a daring ambush land escaped bank robber Edwin Boyd safely behind bars once again. His nemesis, legendary detective Adolphus Payne, creeps into Boyd's hideout at 6 a.m. while Boyd and his wife sleep. Payne sneaks over to the bed and puts a gun to Boyd's head. "Boyd, it's Payne," he cries. "Give up!" The fugitive comes quietly, leaving a satchel of guns and $25,000 cash beside his bed.

Jack Webster is a retired Toronto police officer who once walked a beat with Boyd's father. He's at the Toronto Police Museum at the time of this 1994 interview, and tells the story of Boyd's capture to Midday's Kevin Newman. It's part of Midday's "Black & White Show," a whimsical recreation of the stories Midday would have covered had it been on the air in 1952.
. Lennie Jackson, Willie Jackson and Steve Suchan were all arrested in Montreal, and police assumed Edwin Boyd was with them. He wasn't. Boyd's brother Norm had rented a flat on Heath St. in a quiet uptown Toronto neighbourhood, and Boyd and his wife Doreen were using it to lay low. But both Doreen and Norm were under surveillance, and Payne watched them move in. Hoping to avoid a shootout, he waited until dawn to make the arrest.

. Boyd was kept in the apartment until Toronto mayor and police commissioner Alan Lamport could arrive with members of the media to pose for pictures.
. Midday taped the "Black & White Show" to celebrate the last show produced at CBC's Mutual St. facilities. It was there that CBC English Television first went on the air in 1952. Other stories looked at Perry Como, canned food and the first issue of MAD Magazine.
Medium: Television
Program: Midday
Broadcast Date: March 18, 1994
Guest(s): Jack Webster
Host: Kevin Newman, Tina Srebotnjak
Duration: 6:35

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