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Cold Cases: Aielah Saric-Auger, Prince George (2006)

They are the heartwrenching stories that shock whole communities, bringing waves of fear and sorrow that can linger for years. Disappearances and unsolved murders devastate Canadian families in all parts of the country, creating anger and suspicions that may never be put to rest. In collaboration with the CBC News series Canadian Cold Case, the CBC Digital Archives presents a collection of stories from unsolved crimes in Canada.

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She has been gone just over a week from her home, and her family has plastered "Missing" posters all over the downtown Prince George area, where she was last seen. But Aielah Saric-Auger is not coming home. A passing motorist travelling east to Prince George on Highway 16 finds her body lying at the base of the highway embankment. As explained in this 2006 report from Canada Now "at least six women, mainly aboriginal, have disappeared over the last decade on this vast stretch of highway, but many believe the actual number of missing women is much higher." The road has become known as the Highway of Tears. The RCMP are treating this case as a homicide, and have stated repeatedly that they can't rule out the possibility that a serial killer may be preying on women on Highway 16.
• On the day that Aielah disappeared, Feb. 2, 2006, she left home with her brother and sister for a day at the mall.
  • According to the website firstnationsdrum.com, her "small body was found and identifiable, but so much of it was missing that the family had to have a closed casket funeral." The website calls First Nations Drum "Canada's official native publication designed to inform and entertain its readers (and) to strengthen understanding between native and non-native residents." It is distributed to over 70,000 households in five provinces and two territories.

• For more on the Highway of Tears, see this June 2006 clip.

Medium: Television
Program: Canada Now
Broadcast Date: Feb. 15, 2006
Guest(s): Gary Godwin, Brian Toll
Reporter: Melanie Nagy
Duration: 1:53

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