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Montreal gets the call to host Expo 67

Expo 67 was the most spectacular of Canada's 100th anniversary celebrations. When the Montreal Universal and International Exposition of 1967 opened on April 27, it was a gleaming futuristic spectacle and a dazzling international success. On two giant islands in the St. Lawrence River more than 50 million visitors were presented with a vision of the future.

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In Paris the official announcement is made: Montreal will host the 1967 World's Fair!
The Soviet Union defeated the Canadian bid in 1960, but soon backed out over financial concerns. That leaves Montreal the only city prepared to rise to the challenge.
Lobbying the Canadian government and the International Bureau of Expositions, Montreal Mayor Jean Drapeau secures the bid for his city and tells CBC Radio what Expo could mean for Montreal and Canada.
• Expo 67 marked the 100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation but it would have also marked an important event in Soviet Union: its 50th anniversary.

• In 1962 the site of Expo had not yet been determined. One site being considered was Mount Royal Park overlooking the city.

• Expo 67 was the Western Hemisphere's first official World's Fair since the International Bureau of Exhibitions was formed in 1928 (but there had been many unofficial World's Fairs).

• New York City would launch a World's Fair of its own in 1964 and 1965, but it was not sanctioned by the Bureau of Expositions.

Medium: Radio
Program: CBC News Roundup
Broadcast Date: Nov. 13, 1962
Host: Don Simms
Reporter: Stanley Burke, Alan Yates
Duration: 3:24

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