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Expo 67: Building the World's Fair

Expo 67 was the most spectacular of Canada's 100th anniversary celebrations. When the Montreal Universal and International Exposition of 1967 opened on April 27, it was a gleaming futuristic spectacle and a dazzling international success. On two giant islands in the St. Lawrence River more than 50 million visitors were presented with a vision of the future.

To host the 1967 World's Fair, Montreal begins an incredibly ambitious construction project: building an entire island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River, and doubling the size of another.

Mayor Drapeau is confident everything will be ready on time, but by 1963 some of Expo's top officials have resigned and there are concerns about deadlines, costs and the environment -- not to mention complaints from a jealous Toronto.

• Expo's chief planner, commissioner, deputy commissioner and one director all resigned after an "electronic computer" predicted Expo could not be prepared in time.

• Birdwatchers were angered over the displacement of the 15,000 birds that nested on the mudflats of the Expo site, including ring-billed gulls. The population of these gulls was low in the 1950s, but today they are so abundant that the Canadian Wildlife Services considers them a problem.

Medium: Television
Program: CBC Newsmagazine
Broadcast Date: Nov. 5, 1963
Guest(s): Allan Lamport, Ian Mclaren
Reporter: Kingsley Brown
Duration: 7:45

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