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Expo 67: Pavilions of the superpowers

Expo 67 was the most spectacular of Canada's 100th anniversary celebrations. When the Montreal Universal and International Exposition of 1967 opened on April 27, it was a gleaming futuristic spectacle and a dazzling international success. On two giant islands in the St. Lawrence River more than 50 million visitors were presented with a vision of the future.

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A visual tour of the pavilions of the United States and the Soviet Union.
• The 20-storey American pavilion was the busiest at Expo, with more than 5 million visitors. Its six inner floors were dedicated to "the positive use of creative energy" in the United States. The building was designed by architect and philosopher Buckminster Fuller, who dedicated it to his wife Anne as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Expo.

• In 1976 the acrylic skin of the dome caught fire and burned away. The pavilion was abandoned until June 6, 1995 (World Environment Day) when it reopened as Biosphere, a multimedia museum dedicated to the preservation of the St. Lawrence River ecosystem.

• 1967 was the 50th anniversary of the Soviet state. Their pavilion had large glass and aluminum walls supporting a huge curved roof. The focus was on "Earth, Sea, and Sky." The interior exhibits, dominated by a giant bust of Lenin, celebrated domestic technological progress and the success of their space program.
Medium: Television
Program: CBC Television News
Broadcast Date: May 8, 1967
Reporter: Terry Hargreaves
Duration: 2:00

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