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'Gimli Glider' survivor Bryce Bell tells his story

When the pilot of Air Canada Flight 143 announced that the Ottawa-Edmonton flight would be making an emergency stop in Winnipeg, Bryce Bell and his fellow passengers scarcely had time to gasp. Seconds later, flight attendants instructed the passengers in safety procedures and they braced themselves for disaster as the plane descended rapidly and a very loud droning sound resounded through the cabin. In this interview two days later with the CBC's Barbara Frum, Bell says he wasn't sure he would survive the crash.
• "What happened to us that day was a manifestation of total corporate irresponsibility,"  passenger Bob Howitt told the Canadian Press in a report deated Aug. 5, 1983. Howitt was among a group of passengers who, along with Bryce Bell, said they were considering legal action against Air Canada.

• Both pilots were disciplined by Air Canada in October 1983. Pilot Bob Pearson was demoted to the position of first officer for six months, and First Officer Maurice Quintal was suspended without pay for two weeks. They were charged with failing to ensure the aircraft had sufficient fuel for the flight. Three ground workers were also suspended without pay.
Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: July 25, 1983
Program: The Journal
Hosts: Barbara Frum, Ian Parker
Guest: Bryce Bell
Duration: 5:16

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