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Crop circles: Leaving a mark in Canada

It can border on the outrageous, the credible and even the entrepreneurial. For centuries people claimed to have boarded UFOs, encountered aliens and even sipped on Crop Circle Beer. Skeptics may dismiss believers as nerds and nutters but there's no doubting the increasing popularity of the paranormal in the mainstream. Canada has one of the highest rates of UFO sightings per capita and, for many Canadians, life beyond earth is a definite reality.

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Crop circles, the mysterious circular depression found in southern England's grain fields, have been stumping scientists for years. In 1990 alone, over 1,000 crop circles have been reported all over the English countryside.
Now it seems those strange circles have arrived to this corner of Manitoba. Joe Thomaschewski has discovered a huge crop circle on his farm.

Thomaschewski stands in front of the imprint with Chris Rutkowski of Ufology Research of Manitoba. They offer CBC's Valerie Pringle a few theories. One theory suggests crop circles may be the result of mating hedgehogs, running around in vicious circles. Another points to a wind vortex, a tornado type whirlwind that comes down in fields leaving a mark.

Still another supposes the circles to be the work of aliens, perhaps leaving clues for their fellow extraterrestrial comrades.
Whatever the case may be, the paranormal souvenir won't be around for long. Thomaschewski tells CBC Television how he needs to get on with his chores and plans to mow down the crop circle in a few days.
. One of the earliest references to crop circles was in a pamphlet from 1678. The pamphlet described the circles as "spiralling circles in a field done by the devil."

. In Canada, one of the earliest reported crop circle was in Leeshore, Alta., in 1925.
Medium: Television
Program: Midday
Broadcast Date: Aug. 21, 1990
Guest(s): Chris Rutkowski, Joe Thomaschewski
Host: Valerie Pringle
Duration: 4:48

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