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Launching the Alouette 2

Amid feelings of apprehension and anticipation, Canadians looked skyward as scientists launched satellites into the solar system in the 1960s. The primitive satellite program has since evolved into a highly sophisticated network. Canadian scientists have actively taken the lead in this ever-growing industry, transforming our lives with improved telephone, radio, television, tele-medicine and Internet access.

The second satellite in the "Alouette" series was sent into orbit today, confirming the success and ingenuity of Canada's top scientists. The Alouette is a highly sophisticated satellite, travelling at an altitude of 2,892 kilometres, almost three times higher than its predecessor. It will study the ionosphere, off which radio waves are bounced, to improve the quality of communication transmissions in the Canadian north.
• Canada's Alouette 1 and the ISIS 1 and 2 satellites were launched in 1962, 1969 and 1971 respectively. These satellites studied the ionosphere and the aurora borealis.

• Two years after the launch of the Alouette 2, physicist John Chapman released a report recommending the establishment of a national space agency. Chapman was largely responsible for spearheading the Canadian space program and emphasizing that the satellites should be a made-in-Canada initiative.
Medium: Television
Program: CBC Television News
Broadcast Date: Nov. 29, 1965
Guest(s): John Chapman, Hartley Zimmerman
Reporter: Norman DePoe
Duration: 3:00

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