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Groundbreaking satellite technology at Expo 67

Amid feelings of apprehension and anticipation, Canadians looked skyward as scientists launched satellites into the solar system in the 1960s. The primitive satellite program has since evolved into a highly sophisticated network. Canadian scientists have actively taken the lead in this ever-growing industry, transforming our lives with improved telephone, radio, television, tele-medicine and Internet access.

"Let the pile driving commence!" And with that, work began on a new section of the Montreal Expo 67 site. The directive came across the ocean from the vice president of the International Bureau of Expositions in Paris. An example of space age technology and possibility, the message was bounced off the Telstar satellite to the pavilion construction site, bridging what was once a great distance. CBC Radio has this report on the groundbreaking ceremony.
•  "The scope of international support for the Expo theme, as shown by the record-breaking participation, is a wonderfully encouraging display of Man's faith in himself and his world; in his capacity to improve and progress; in his power to cope with the challenges of his world and himself." -- Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson's remarks at the Opening of Expo 67.
Medium: Radio
Program: CBC News Roundup
Broadcast Date: Aug. 3, 1965
Guest(s): D.A. Logan
Reporter: Alan Yates
Duration: 1:58

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