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Ferry service slow to meet P.E.I.'s tourism demand

Inadequate ferry service is tipping the political scales in favour of a fixed link. Round-the-clock lineups, unreliable schedules and a permanent dependence on federal subsidies are all factors.
With the age-old possibility of building a fixed link between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick now front and centre in P.E.I. politics, this CBC News report examines one of the major problems that would be solved by a link.
• A federal research report had just proposed a bridge-causeway combination as the best solution. Though the report was federally comissioned, there was still no promise that the government would build anything, although access roads had already been cleared in anticipation of the go-ahead to start building.
• Prince Edward Island became a province of Canada in 1873. One of its terms of agreement was that federally-funded transportation would be provided between the island the mainland.

• The invention of the icebreaking ferry in 1917 solved the problem of winter crossing over ice, and effectively put an end to any tunnel plans.
• By the 1980s, ferry services were costing Ottawa approximately $30 million per year to operate.
Medium: Television
Program: CBC Television News
Broadcast Date: Aug. 4, 1968
Reporter: Bill Curtis
Duration: 1:59

Last updated: February 7, 2012

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