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Bush pilots: 100 years of flight

They were intrepid and resourceful pioneers who took to the skies: carrying passengers, mapping new territory, hauling necessities, discovering hidden gold and carrying out daring rescues. The CBC Digital Archives salutes some of the many bush pilots who made monumental contributions to the exploration of uncharted Canada.

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"They were my heroes," sums it all up for bush pilot Bob Cameron. In 2003 he has been flying for more than four decades. On the 100th anniversary of Orville Wright's historic controlled power flight, he leads CBC reporter Sasa Petricic on a journey which compares and contrasts modern bush flying with what it was like more than 60 years in the past.
• The De Havilland Beaver was built after the Second World War to service the demands of operations in the bush, and the first one flew on Aug. 16, 1947. "Punch" Dickins circulated a questionnaire among pilots, and so it was built to the specifications desired by its users. It is all-purpose enough that it can be used with floats, skis or wheels, and it has seen service in the polar regions, the desert, and of course it is famed for its service in the Canadian North.
Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: Dec. 17, 2003
Guest(s): Bob Cameron, Moe Grant, Gerd Mannsperger
Anchor: Peter Mansbridge
Reporter: Saša Petricic
Duration: 13:21

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