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Reaction to Bird Commission report

The Royal Commission on the Status of Women, called by Prime Minister Pearson in February 1967, held the notion of equal opportunity as its precept. Chaired by journalist Florence Bird, the panel was criticized both for exceeding traditional boundaries and also for hedging on the conservative. But the great undercurrent born of the Bird Commission was a renunciation against inequality.

It's 488 pages long and contains 167 recommendations -- the Bird Commission's final report is at last issued and is being reviewed. Chairperson Florence Bird sits down with CBC host Pat Patterson and a young feminist Kelly Crichton to discuss the core of the report. But Bird and Crichton disagree on the tone of the report and whether it reached far enough in its aims and proposals.
. The National Action Committee (NAC) was created to push the government to follow through on the Bird Commission's findings. Laura Sabia was the organization's first president.
. The Commission recommended that fees for the care of children in daycare centres be fixed on a sliding scale based on family income. It also proposed that the federal government pay a guaranteed annual income to the heads of all one-parent families with dependent children. This measure wasn't implemented.
Medium: Radio
Program: Matinee
Broadcast Date: Dec. 9, 1970
Guest(s): Florence Bird, Kelly Crichton
Host: Pat Patterson
Duration: 6:24
Photo: National Archives of Canada PA-135131

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